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Concert Band and Choir

Terry Fox Music Department

About Terry Fox Music

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For music performance, Terry Fox offers a diverse Music Department that includes Concert Band, Choir, Guitar and Rock School and Recording Arts.  All Terry Fox Music courses are credited class that are used towards graduation.  At the grade 9 level, no experience is necessary and all students interested in learning an instrument are encouraged to join us.  Most students chose to take Concert Band and Choir as 9th or 10th courses on top of their to their 8 class load, as they get so much fun, meaning, and community from being a part of the classes!

We do a variety of Music Department tours, field trips, and fund raisers to support them each year.  We have an ongoing fund raiser with the Biggar Bottle Depot which we encourage all students and parents to take advantage of


This year we are going to pursuing a new fund raiser with BC Quake November 1 - December 4, working with them to make sure that more families have full stocked earthquake/emergency kits while raising money for the Concert Band and Choir.  Details on how to purchase an earthquake kit or participate in the fund raiser are here.

A copy of Mr. Cho's 2019/2020 Music Department welcome letter can be found here.  A 

Student music fund raising account balances are here.


This page will offer resources for Mr. Cho's music classes at Terry Fox.  If you seeking information about Rock School or Recording Arts, check out the Rock School / Recording Arts Youtube page at here.

Concert Band

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The Terry Fox Concert Band explores all types of instrumental music from movie soundtracks, to art songs, to folk music.  Concert Band meets within the timetable (Block E, Day 1s).  We have instruments available for students to use, or students can provide their own.  There are lots of reasons to play this type of instrumental music - fun, community, and the joy of learning experiencing music together.  Playing/studying more structured types of music and reading sheet music has also been link to higher achievement in math and science classes.  Playing in a Terry Fox Concert Band can also be used as credit for the BC Government's school daily physical activity requirement.  Check us out on YouTube by clicking the icon above!


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The Terry Fox Choir explores singing and performance of all kinds, including movement, music from around the world, Musical Theatre, mash-ups, covers, and more.  No previous experience is necessary (it's your job to come ready to grow and have fun, it's Mr. Cho's job to help you get there).  Choir meets within the timetable (during Block E, Day 2s).   Singing with the Choir can also be used as credit for the BC Government's school daily physical activity requirement.  Check a playlist of Terry Fox Choir video by clicking on the YouTube icon above!

Videos from 2017/2018 Concerts

Above are two videos of the Terry Fox Choir and Concert Band from 2017/2018.  On the left is the Choir doing "My Freeze Ray" from Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long blog, and on the right is the Concert Band doing a medley of music from "Moana".  For more videos of both the Choir and the Concert Band, please click on the YouTube icons above!

Our Music Department Calendar

Above is the Music Department calendar or events and classes (updated in real time).

To sync/add any of these three calendars to your own phone/computer, please use the following links:

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